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14 Sep

Milo at my parents’ cottage.


Have you ever had to rely on the generosity of other’s to get by?  We had to leave our apartment in New York before Mr. Darling was released from the military.  It put us in a weird position.  He only had a few more weeks of service left, but he didn’t have a civilian job lined up yet. We never really considered NY our home, but we really didn’t know where we were going to end up.  After spending a reasonable amount of time panicking, a loose plan was made.  Our belongings were moved into storage.  Mr. Darling stayed in NY with a friend whilst he finished up his service.  The kids and I began a tour of homes in the Midwest.

We stayed with friends, with aunts and uncles, with parents.  We were excitedly welcomed into home after home.  It felt so natural and easy to ask for their help, and they gave so willingly, that I have to remind myself how fortunate we were to receive it.  We saved a lot of money, stress, and frustration, and we gained so many terrific memories.  There were times I was overwhelmed and tired of having so little personal space.   Still, when I look back, our summer was lived on generosity and, pardon my schmaltz, love.  I can truly say it was one of the best of my life.



13 Sep

Exploring our new town.


Enjoying:  Civilian life!  My husband’s work week is only FIVE days long.  BLISS.  He wears JEANS to work.  BLISS.  If he does have to work overtime he gets PAID for it.  BLISS.  And, most importantly, when he comes home from work he isn’t carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.  BLISS.  BLISS.  BLISS.

Stressing On:  Figuring out when our movers will finally arrive. Figuring out our health care sitch’ (“Free” health care was one of the very biggest perks of the military).  Figuring out how to start over and make new friends in our new town.

Eating:  Everything frozen and packaged from Trader Joe’s (no kitchen equipment + first time living near TJs = full freezer).  The first thing I am making when my kitchen arrives is a huge, from-scratch apple pie.  It is gonna taste so. damn. good.

Watching:  Agatha Christie’s Poirot.  Mr. Darling is even more into it than I.  I love it as much for the Art Deco sets and wardrobe as for the mysteries.

Looking Forward To:  Fall!  Trips into the city (Chicago) to visit friends and family.  Having a full and organized house again.


(“Currently” inspired by the series over at Sometimes Sweet)

summer in the dozen

12 Sep





I spent my summer moving my family back to the Midwest!  At the end of June, we put the majority of our belongings in storage.  It stayed in storage while we lived on the generosity of loved ones for the better part of the past three months.  Then, just last week, our stuff was finally picked up by movers.  Hopefully, it will be joining us in our new home by the weekend.   We have been here since the beginning of the month, and we are lonely for our things.  


ghost baby


 I am really excited to get reacquainted with all of my kitchen gear, and jump right into this year’s VeganMoFo.