weekend ta-da list

9 Mar

Named such because it will feel like quite a feat if I finish it.

  • defeat laundry couch (the endless battle betwixt myself and a couch full of clean, unsorted, unfolded laundry)
  • meal plan (wow.  i fell of the wagon fast and hard with this one.)
  • sort and get rid of extra clothes
  • bake some bread (if just for that fresh bread smell)
  • decide what to make for food swap and do a trial run


A few weeks ago we went up to Burlington, VT.  It felt fantastic to get out of town, and I was absolutely blown over by Burlington.  I don’t even know how to explain it.  We just jived with the vibe (What? Yeah.).  We are definitely going back before we move.

After our trip we rolled right into the roughest part of Mr. Darling’s rotating work schedule, and we’ve been muddling through our days since.  A lot of stuff has fallen to the wayside.  Our apartment is a bigger disaster than usual, our eating habits have been atrocious, and we’re generally feeling sluggish.  That’s why I made my “weekend” (it’s not really our weekend) list.  Today is the day I quit indulging myself and finally get back on track!



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