i just want to be alone

23 Feb

S’up, ya’ll?  I hope your valentined week was pleasant.  In the past, this was not a holiday my equal (better?  gal, please) half and I would partake in.  However, since having kids, our relationship has required more… maintenance.  Of course, maintenance is a part of all healthy relationships, but when your needs become secondary (thanks, kids!) it is really easy to lose site of that.  Anywho, in honor of the holiday and as part of our commitment to each other’s well-being, we gave each other a day to ourselves.

I got Saturday.  The husby took the kids AND babysat my friend’s son so we could have a lady-date down in Albany.  It was divine.  We ate a New World Bistro Bar.  They support local and seasonal food, and have a decent vegan menu.  I kind of regret not at least asking about their seitan, but much as I love seitan, I’ve seen it go very, very wrong.  I got a delicious, if safe, mushroom sandwich.  Our appetizers were fantastic, and our server was extremely pleasant.  It was fortunate my lady friend had the foresight to call ahead and make a reservation.  We were seated near the door and saw many people turned away because the restaurant and bar were full.  Clearly, I have neglected the Albany food scene, but I am not sure my wallet could handle a reform.

I gave my husband Sunday.   A day with no kids and no responsibilities.  He took the opportunity to go ice fishing with friends.

At home, we carried on like it was a regular week day…

Mr. Darling and I don’t hate being with each other though.  We totally pre-gamed Valentines the weekend before.  My aunt and uncle were in town and watched the kids while we got some together-alone time.


One Response to “i just want to be alone”

  1. mskristiina 02.24.2012 at 2:35 PM #

    I love the top picture!

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