stuff around my apartment saturday

11 Feb

Over Super Bowl weekend I modified the Tempeh Wing recipe from Appetite for Reduction, on account of my extreme heat wussery, and I will post said mods very soon.  If you are not heat-phobic go ahead and rock the original recipe with a side of some equally bitchin’ AFR Cool Slaw (hot damn).  Until then…


Coat closets are for suckers.

So happy I finally stopped dragging tail and made a photo book.   Now I need more!

Three and already way too good at Super Mario Galaxy.

His birthday was two weeks ago, but I still haven’t erased it.

This is about as good as this room looks most days.

Somebody got into the rolled oats.



One Response to “stuff around my apartment saturday”

  1. reclusekate 02.11.2012 at 6:13 PM #

    The last frame of your little guy in the oats made me laugh out loud – I have had quite a time making my ten month old leave my sprouting seeds alone. He just loves the way they feel between his fingers. I, however, hate vacuuming up radish seeds. From every corner of God’s green earth. Even though they were originally spilled in the kitchen.

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