3 Feb

Okay, so my meal planning was sort of 50/50 success.  Two of my good lady friends from the Midwest came out for a visit.  We ate, we gabbed, we ate some more.  I did bake them a vegan Kale and Quinoa Quiche the night they got in– I knew they would be hungry after a day full of travel.  We did make the Garlic Coconut Cream Pizza (so crazy delicious), but other than that our moods led our meals more than my plan.  Read also, there was a lot of dessert (Smlove Pie, Pull-apart Pumpkin Bread, and Cookie Dough Hummus to start).  We kept savory meals simple and veg filled– my ladies do love the veg.  So, when all was said and done, it almost sorta balanced out.

clockwise starting at top left: almond milk, felix, baked pumpkin oatmeal, super belated xmas gift, garlic coconut cream pizza, and laundry couch.

It is always very refreshing to see long distance friends again, and it was great having company in the kitchen.  There is a downside to visits though.  Every time someone leaves I feel overwhelmed by the physical distance between us.  Most of the time I enjoy where I live and am happy in the knowledge that we’re going home EVENTUALLY.  But, I totally lose it every time we drop someone at the airport.  Every.  Time.   My laundry couch gets a little fuller, my meals a little heavier, and my apartment even dirtier (because, I won’t lie, it’s never really clean).

Well, my mourning period pity party has passed, and I’m ready to hop back in the meal plan van– I thought it would be better than wagon because it rhymed, but it just sounds creepy.  We’re going to make a few recipes from Appetite for Reduction (pot-pie stew and buffalo tempeh with cool slaw), baked potatoes, and asian-style pepper steak (with gardein beef tips or tofu).  AFR recipes usually last through a couple of meals, and I also have some veg-lentil soup (also from AFR)  in the freezer.  I am hoping this and maybe some pantry improv will keep us eating from home until next Sunday.

Happy Friday if it’s your Friday!  Have a great weekend.  In this family it is more like Tuesday or maybe more accurately Second-Monday (there are some repeats in a seven-day work week).  Things are just getting started up in here.


2 Responses to “second-monday”

  1. Cara 02.03.2012 at 12:32 PM #

    I totally ball my eyes out as well! I cannot help it–it’s just a natural reaction now. Same with weddings–doesn’t matter whose it is. I always cry.

    Question about the pizza (which looks incredible!): Can you taste the coconut at all? I have a thing against coconut at certain times…

    • corrinadarling 02.03.2012 at 1:26 PM #

      I not always a crier. So, it’s a little disconcerting. I’m also not a hugger, but I hugged the goodness out of those two before they left.

      on the pizza, you can taste it a little, but the roasted garlic really does take center stage. i think it would be very, very easy to 1) omit milk entirely and just use a roasted garlic mash or 2) sub in a little bit of creamer or other non-dairy milk (adding slowly in small quantities to avoid making it too runny). it was so simple and so delicious. dooooooooooooo it!

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