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18 Dec

How do people even keep up hobby blogs?  It’s just so easy to put it on the back burner.

Last week Mr. Darling took some leave, and we indulged in some seriously necessary lazy time.  It wasn’t entirely uneventful.  We had out-of-state visitors for a few days, hosted a dinner for our neighbors, and trimmed our Christmas tree.

This is the first year our oldest has really had a sense of the holiday.  Even now it’s still pretty abstract (What do you mean I have to wait another week before I get to open all these presents under the tree?  What do you mean they aren’t ALL for me?!  You are so mean!).  But, we’ve had a lot of fun putting up ornaments and decorating cookies.  The Xmas jams have been playing nonstop, and he’s already learned the chorus of “Jingle Bells.”  Tonight, we’re going to drive down to Albany to a park with a drive-thru holiday light set up.   This is the first year it has felt like we were making memories for all of us and not just the adults.

I haven’t just been busy making memories, though.  I’ve also been working on some crochet projects.  I finished a hat for my future SIL, made myself the same hat with a different yarn (which I ended up thinking didn’t suit me and promptly gave away), and then I made my baby some mittens from the scrap yarn.  My mother-in-law’s cowl has been slow going because I let the yarn become a tangled knot (a mistake I shall not soon make again!).  That is one Christmas gift that will definitely be belated.  But, I have had a productive month of hooking.

Last night, my littlest little refused to succumb to slumber and kept us up until Midnight.  The worst in a recent series of late bedtimes.  So, the alone time has dwindled (along with some of my sanity).    I get so little time to myself I feel like I have to make a choice betwixt crochet and bloggy time, and now crochet is usually more soothing (although the tangle of yarn did send me into a pretty serious spiral of rage…).



|pinterest eats| vegan breakfast pizza

2 Dec

I have drooled over these mini breakfast pizzas from Biscuit Batches since the moment I pinned them.  And, today, when my baby went down for his morning nap I whisper-shouted to myself, “Let’s do this!”

They turned out fabulously.  Well, sort of.  I got a little overzealous with the salt.  Salt incident aside, they were delicious.  My biscuit crust wasn’t as pretty as BB’s, but I wager it tasted just as nom-nommy.  The coconut gravy was so good that I stole a few bites straight from the pot.  I did just wing it with the tofu scramble.  Other tofu scram recipes have burned me before, so I usually stick close to the Isa’s version.  Ironically, it was the tofu I over-salted.  I will definitely revisit this with a lighter hand in the future– probably the very near future.

Once again, Pinterest and the Internet have done right by me.