twinkle lights, blankets, and cocoa! oh my!

19 Nov

I have got to re-up my supply of long underwear because it is getting cold.  And dark.  So dark.  So cold.

(outside time with the boys)

Last Winter, I felt trapped in the house by pregnancy, a rather unruly toddler, and the icy horror show that was once my sidewalk.  At the end of January I had my baby, it seemed like our cabin fever was about to break, and then we had a FOREVER WINTER.  I love the North and I love Winter, but it was too much.

My goal for this Winter is to get some time outside every day it isn’t below 10… Okay, maybe 20… If it is above freezing we’re definitely spending time outside.

We are going to suit up.  I am getting warm winter gear in order for the whole family– Related note, legit baby snow boots (not decorative booties) are not super easy to come by.  I’d love to get a toboggan and take the kiddos for rides.  Maybe go snowshoeing.  This year we reclaim Winter for our family.

(felix, december 2009)

I really want to enjoy this season because it can be very grey if you let it, and it does last a very long time even when it isn’t pushing itself into May.  Besides, Winter has a lot of good in it, too.  Say it with me, “Twinkle lights, blankets, and cocoa! Twinkle lights, blankets, and cocoa!”




4 Responses to “twinkle lights, blankets, and cocoa! oh my!”

  1. GiGi 11.19.2011 at 9:08 PM #

    You are very brave to brave the cold and dark. Well prepared too. Stay warm.Say yes to hot vegan cocoa, yes and twinkle lights. Lovely post and pics!

    • corrinadarling 11.21.2011 at 12:58 PM #

      ha! thank you. it was just too much being a hermit all last winter. i know we will be happier if we get outside time this year, even if it is bitterly cold.

  2. Cara 11.21.2011 at 9:20 AM #

    “Twinkle lights, blankets, and cocoa! Twinkle lights, blankets, and cocoa!” Hey, that *is* fun to say 🙂 Look at how ADORABLE you are in that picture!!

    • corrinadarling 11.21.2011 at 1:01 PM #

      thank you kindly. i wanted a nice, quick picture of the three of us, but this is as close as i got. milo turned away, felix a blur rolling on the ground, and me awkwardly smiling through.

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