heirloom baby blanket redux

15 Nov

Before my second son was born, my mother sent me this crocheted rainbow blanket (with matching sweater and booties) that a friend of her’s had made while she was pregnant with me.

She has been tucking away little treasures like this from my brother’s and my childhood (as well as her’s and my father’s) that she could one day pass them on.  Unfortunately we live states away from each other. Only mailable memories make the cut now. I’m more upset about the physical distance betwixt my children and their grandparents, but it does pain me that many family heirlooms have gone unused due to distance.

Maybe that’s why I became obsessed with recreating this blanket.  I don’t love the pattern, and I am not keen on the colors.  Really, its value is in the gesture.  I can imagine my mother, not much older than I am now, folding it up and putting it away with the thought that maybe one day it would warm her baby’s babies.  That is priceless.

Before he was born, I crocheted a new blanket for my son, but it was not really what I had envisioned (bad yarn, meh colors, certainly not heirloom worthy).  I do use the rainbow blanket often, but the yarn is rough with age and the colors are not my favorite.  I felt like there was a gap on my couch where a better blanket should lay.  So, it got in my head that I would make my own rainbow blanket, with nicer yarn and brighter colors, using the original as my guide.

I started in April.  I chose yarn of a heavier weight.  So, I knew my blanket would be bigger, but I didn’t realize just how much bigger.  My heirloom baby blanket redux turned into a big ol’ family blanket.

It took me until August to tame this beast– Not bad considering how many unfinished blankets I’ve stashed in secret locations throughout my apartment.  Truthfully, I still have to sew in a bunch of the yarn ends (ask me which part of crochet I hate the most).  I have been snuggling with it non-stop since I finished crocheting the border and sweater weather hit, unsewn ends be damned.

I started out really underwhelmed by this pattern, motivated only by sentimentality, but it has completely won me over.  I hope to spend many hours cuddled with my children beneath it.  I want to spend years imbuing it with the kind of love and hope that my mom folded into that first blanket as she put it away for safe keeping.

First, I have got to finish sewing in those ends.


5 Responses to “heirloom baby blanket redux”

  1. CraftyEarthMama 11.15.2011 at 11:41 PM #

    Love that your Mom saved that blanket for you. What a beautiful heirloom and the one you made is lovely too.
    What a little cutie you have there 🙂

    • corrinadarling 11.17.2011 at 12:35 PM #

      thank you kindly! my mom always told me she was saving stuff, but i didn’t appreciate how much forethought it involved until now.

  2. Cara 11.17.2011 at 9:50 AM #

    I love this post! The older I get, the more sentimental I get about family heirlooms, ancestry, and the such… How special this blanket is. And how even *better* is your recreation of it! I love the ends of it. Hope you are high-fiving yourself for an awesome job done 🙂

    • corrinadarling 11.17.2011 at 12:40 PM #

      i’m getting the same way! for me, it’s partly a product of taking up crochet. now that i know what work it takes to create an object, i really appreciate so much more how much of a person can go into a handmade heirloom.

      i actually didn’t post a finished picture (because i haven’t REALLY finished… so many yarn ends to sew), but it’s got a border of white all around and the last row is the dark blue. i’ll take a picture soon. it looks a lot tidier.

  3. Kentucky Angel 06.10.2015 at 12:50 PM #

    Do you ever share your patterns? I love the one you are making in this post.

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