november food swap

10 Nov

It feels like I just went to October’s food swap, but here we are again.  Or, there we were.  The November swap was last night, and it was a riot.  Okay, it wasn’t a riot.  It was a casual but well-organized event full of friendly faces and amazing foodstuffs.  There were new and seasoned swappers alike.  Soups, breads, baked goods, vinaigrette, infused sugar, peppermint popcorn (FOR REAL), homemade laundry soap, tea… It was craze-balls.  I don’t mean to go all hippy-dippy meets Brian Wilson on ya’ll, but I was feeling some good vibrations.

For my part, I brought cookie dough hummus, homemade graham crackers, and the sing-songy disposition that people so love about me (or maybe I just brought those first two items).

Since I decided what to make in advance (a departure for me) I had time to make a pretty label.

I eat this “hummus” straight from the bowl, but I wanted to give people options.  So, I made graham crackers from  Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.  I wrapped them in wax paper and tied them with cooking twine.

Chocolate Covered Katie called it a cookie dough dip, but I wanted a title that got more to the point (aka “This cookie dough is made out of BEANS!  BEANS!”).  Of course, I included a list of ingredients, but I wanted to catch ’em off their guard right away.  So, I called it hummus and put out a bowl to sample.  All I forgot to do was write a sign that said, “Try me.  I dare you.”

Swappers usually favor a bit of intrigue over the every day, and cookie dough made of beans definitely caught some attention.  I swapped away all four tubs of hummus in under five minutes.  A personal best.

It was a roaring success of an evening for me.  And, I was tickled to no end to hear positive reviews from the three people I swapped with last month.  I brought four loaves of apple streusel cinnamon bread but decided to keep the fourth loaf for myself at the last-minute.  WORTH IT.


2 Responses to “november food swap”

  1. Maggie Muggins 11.10.2011 at 6:21 PM #

    Ok, you got me, I’m intrigued by this cookie dough hummus.I haven’t ventured into the realms of dessert hummus yet but I may have to try it sooner rather then later.
    Your labels turned out pretty, what program did you use to make them?

    • corrinadarling 11.11.2011 at 8:29 AM #

      it really is delicious. i’ve been making labels in picnik just because it’s easy with flickr. my biggest problem is making them cute once printed. i’m too cheap and lazy to use nice paper or make stickers so they don’t look as nice as they did on the computer.

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