If there is a pretty way to photograph this…

8 Nov

… I do not know of it.  I give you always ugly, often delicious ground seitan.

I don’t know why I was so skeptical when people told me I could put seitan in my food processor and make my own crumbles.  Recently, I found myself scraping together a very minimalist lasagna (noodles, sauce, cashew ricotta).  Desperate for a little something extra I put seitan to blade.  I ground the goodness out of it, and then sauteed it with some crushed fennel and other seasonings.  No lie, the ground seitan sausage was the highlight of an otherwise mediocre lasagna.  You win, everyone who ever told me to grind up my seitan.  You win.

The picture above is a mix of ground seitan and veg that I cooked up with taco seasonings.  It. Was. Delicious.  “I’m Ron Swanson, and I endorse this product” delicious.   Ground seitan is officially going into frequent meal time rotation.

Unrelated, tomorrow is the night of my monthly food swap.  It is usually in the middle of the month, but it has been moved up to avoid overlap with Thanksgiving.  I’m bringing cookie dough hummus and homemade graham crackers for dipping.  Pretty pumped.  Just sayin’.

And, so this post doesn’t have just one really ugly picture here’s my baby.

I took these pictures of him after he knocked over my bowl of donut holes in a jealous rage (or completely on accident… whatevs).


2 Responses to “If there is a pretty way to photograph this…”

  1. Cara 11.10.2011 at 10:08 AM #

    That is one ADORABLE little boo-boo!! Ugh, so cute! And you need to stop posting about seitan because I am really starting to get jealous… I think of you now whenever I see it in the stores 🙂

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