4 Dec

Well, today I received a horrifying medical bill I believed to (and still do) be covered by my insurance.  No one is around to take our calls since it’s the weekend.  So, I’m just stressing myself out, luxuriating in this pregnancy insomnia, thinking maybe I can distract myself with my failed blogging hobby.

I’ve housed this belly dweller for about 33 weeks.  That means two more months before I have as many children as I do arms, and frankly, I’m not sure that will be enough arms.

sporting a hat i made as part of my mom's xmas gift. uh, gotta test it out first, right?

So far, I’ve managed to get very little baby prep done  (cute DIY baby projects, home improvements, handmade xmas gifts, etc), but I’m finally moving into that zen mama place where I realize it just doesn’t matter THAT much.  I feel the guilt melting away.  I’ve been building a person and chasing a toddler.  It’s OKAY that I didn’t find the time to fashion my unborn a handmade winter wardrobe.  The things that need to get done will get done, even if they have to wait until after the baby is born.

So, this year, I’m checking my Christmas to-do list twice and embracing the veto.  Surviving to-dos include crocheting a cute, old-manish baby sweater (it seems apropos since they all come out looking like curmudgeons) and some holiday baking (my only pregnancy craving is holiday cheer).  I’m just gonna keep calm and waddle on (get it?  because i’m fat with child i waddle!  har har).


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