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3 Aug

Er, ah, it’s been a while.

My birthday has come and gone.  I did make a 27 Before 27 list, and I am successfully ignoring most of it.  But, there are a couple of bullet points I have been making some progress on.

In April we took a road trip to Chicago.  It feels like a pretty huge feat because we had never traveled that far by car with the Darling Toddler.  It was also significant that we took time off and did not go home to visit family.  We have a very bad habit of spending all our vacation days back with our parents, who we love to see and spend time with.  I felt very guilty being so close to home (a four hour drive compared to 20), but we’re trying to get better at prioritizing OUR family.  Sometimes, the line between vacation and obligation runs a little thin when you live far away from everyone.

Chicago was good, good times, but one of my favorite parts of our trip was a stop at Niagara Falls during our first day of driving.  It was completely lovelyand a great way to break up our drive.  I’m looking forward to stopping by again at the end of the month when we head back to the Midwest, this time to hang with the fam-fam!

My excitement was probably increased ten fold after watching Jim and Pam getting married here on The Office.

So, yes, our trip was fun through and through, and I’m excited to make the journey +4 hours in just a few short weeks.

One of the other goals I haven’t neglected is reading a book a month.  It shouldn’t even be challenging, but I’ve got a toddler and an internet addiction to contend with.  I’ve combated all of this by starting easy.  I’m reading my way through the Harry Potter series.  I’m on Prisoner of Azkaban, which is far and away my favorite movie (Alfonso Cuaron! heart! heart! heart!).  I’ve seen and own all the movies, but my first and last attempt to read the series halted part way through book 4 for no reason other than disinterest.  So far I am averaging about a book a month.

Continuing with my reading books that have become movies theme, I’m thinking about borrowing the Scott Pilgrim series from my neighbor.  I am also mildly intrigued by Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy.

The last goal I’ve made good on is cooking up a darling sibling for my darling toddler.  I’m about 15 weeks and ready to welcome food back into my life.  Speaking of… gotta go eat.  RIGHT NOW.