26 Mar

March has been a good month.  The weather has been unseasonably delightful, with little exception; I’ve made some decent head way on a few goals, including starting an indoor herb garden; And, I’ve worked out a babysitting swap with my neighbor,  two more hours of freedom each week feels infinite.

there’s never enough thyme (har, har).

I have made sure to keep up on the granny square blanket I am gifting to friends.  I managed to work up a few squares while lapping up some sunshine in the backyard.  I am moving forward at a good pace, finally found a joining method I feel really good about, but it’s will be a while before it’s complete.

Other incomplete crochet projects include: plarn stash basket, fingerless mitts, slippers, afghan-turned-stroller blanket, and complete but for the ends being sewn in reversible Swiffer rag.  I am sure I am forgetting something.  My attention always drifts, and I end up roaming Ravelry patterns looking for more projects to take on.  Lately, I have ached to make a sweater for the young one.  Perhaps in trying to quell that urge, I whipped him up a hat yesterday.  It was inspired by the aforementioned Swiffer rag and a hat my neighbors have sported that I like.

impulsive animal hat

I’m not totally in love with the fit, but I feel very good about how it turned out since it was my first patternless attempt.  It definitely has more of a poof shape than I wanted, but I’m pretty sure I know how to amend that in the future.  I actually worked it from the bottom up, which I know is uncommon for hat patterns.  I think I would really like to find a top-down pattern and give it a whirl; I’ve found that I learn technique REALLY well from working up patterns (of course!  practice does make perfect).

Today, I plan on hooking up an eco tawashi, which is essentially, a scrubber made of 100% acrylic yarn.  Supposedly, you don’t need to use soap the scratchy acrylic is so effective at removing gunk, yet not so abrasive it will ruin your coated cookware.

On a final note, my 26th birthday is drawing nigh, and I fully plan on having a 27 things to do before 27 list worked up by then.  It’s kind of the only making me excited about getting older.


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