28 Days of Twin Peaks

9 Feb

Ugh, it’s week two of Flu-fest ’10, and I think we’re finally nearing the end.  At this point it’s mostly residual damage, coughs, snot, and trying to regain some semblance of a schedule.  It didn’t need affirming, but it is once again glaringly clear how necessary good sleep is to a toddler (and his mother).

One thing keeping me going in the face of these dreary days that turn into dreary weeks in what I consider to be all around the most dreary month of the year, is a month-long Twin Peaks marathon I planned with my husband.  Originally, I had hoped to do a number thematic activities and crafts, but things have just gotten away from me.  I would still like to bake at least one pie, drink plenty of coffee, and begin working on this crocheted pillow.

My log has something to tell you.

If you’ve never seen Twin Peaks before, I highly recommend it.  In fact, the complete series (but for the pilot) are up for viewing at CBS.com.  The setting is gorgeous, the characters are delightfully quirky, and the story is cloaked in that ethereal, dreamy haze that only David Lynch can muster.

It is definitely a show with layers upon layers, and Mr. Darling and myself have enjoyed details we missed during earlier viewings.  I am really getting into the style of Twin Peaks; log cabin chic, 50s inspired wardrobe pieces, and hints of traditional native art.  I have already talked the Mister into fully adopting the urban-woodsman look.  The growing granny trend is only encouraging me to delve deeper into my new obsession.  There may be echoes of Twin Peaks in our home long after this marathon is over.


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