blog fog

28 Jan

I am so overwhelmed by the endless stream of creative flow coming out of the craft/design blog communities.   There are 848 “unread” posts in my reader.  A lot of them are image posts I have put aside, that I may give them more than a passing glance at some later time.  But, I never make the time.   Even if I did, is the take away really worth it?  Do I really have to see  every gorgeous home tour?  I feel so inspired by everything I see and read, but I’ve begun to wonder when is it too much?

In the midst of my blogistential crisis, still struggling to keep up on my blog roll, I read this spot on post about “blogging on repeat” and image overload.  It’s hard enough eking out time for myself.  Is that time best spent reading yet another post about Helvetica cookie cutters?  Am I spending all this time reading about the creative endeavors of everybody else so I don’t have to try (and possibly fail) at my own?

Well, no more.  I just hit the “mark all as read” button.  That’s 800+ moments of my life I’m reclaiming.  I’m going to thin the herd and dedicate one time of the day to my reader (instead of refreshing throughout the day).

Here’s to reading more books with my toddler, finding recipes in my own cookbooks instead of drooling over the latest foodie blog posts, and maybe finding a little more inspiration in my every day instead of my reader.


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