dilemma of crafters old and new

22 Jan

Yarn has taken over my home.  There’s a box of it next to my couch, a couple bags sitting on a rocking chair, a project bag hanging from a door knob, a second project bag hiding in my toddler’s bedroom (of all places), hooks and granny squares hanging out on my dining room table, and this is to say nothing of all the stray bits and bobs that have found their way into every nook, every cranny.


I am already part way through re-doing an old trunk, but that project stalled out on lazy street.  I’m also considering reclaiming a wire basket shelf I lost to my pots and pans, but said p&p’s have been demanding squatter’s rights.  So, I’ve been thinking about making a stash basket à la the most impeccable Purl Bee.  This fulfills the near constant crocheting urges I have whilst at the same time creating something useful.  I suppose I’ll hold off on sending out those eviction notices.

Ironically, none of the yarn in my ever growing, blob-like stash seems up to the task for just such a basket.  I was thinking of going to Home Depot to find something suitable when I realized that I have a veritable gold mine on my hands!  There’s a giant blue Ikea bag in my pantry overflowing with plastic bags just begging to be recycled into yarn.  And, that grocery store tan is just the sort of neutral tone I was looking for.

More stash basket inspiration from Anthropolgie.

Toddler willing, I hope to get a start on it this weekend.


2 Responses to “dilemma of crafters old and new”

  1. erika 01.22.2010 at 4:16 PM #

    Don’t worry, in a few months we shall get our craft empire rolling, and we’ll hammer away at both of our stashes.

  2. priscila 01.23.2010 at 12:09 PM #

    Sometimes I really get inspired to craft and sometimes not so much. I actually have a separate “studio” just for crafting and I havent been inspired at all…

    Im so in love with your blog!!! Keep up the amazing work!

    If you would like come visit me at littlemissheirlooms.blogspot.com

    I have a new giveaway every Sunday so be sure to follow me…if you want?! 🙂

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