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blog fog

28 Jan

I am so overwhelmed by the endless stream of creative flow coming out of the craft/design blog communities.   There are 848 “unread” posts in my reader.  A lot of them are image posts I have put aside, that I may give them more than a passing glance at some later time.  But, I never make the time.   Even if I did, is the take away really worth it?  Do I really have to see  every gorgeous home tour?  I feel so inspired by everything I see and read, but I’ve begun to wonder when is it too much?

In the midst of my blogistential crisis, still struggling to keep up on my blog roll, I read this spot on post about “blogging on repeat” and image overload.  It’s hard enough eking out time for myself.  Is that time best spent reading yet another post about Helvetica cookie cutters?  Am I spending all this time reading about the creative endeavors of everybody else so I don’t have to try (and possibly fail) at my own?

Well, no more.  I just hit the “mark all as read” button.  That’s 800+ moments of my life I’m reclaiming.  I’m going to thin the herd and dedicate one time of the day to my reader (instead of refreshing throughout the day).

Here’s to reading more books with my toddler, finding recipes in my own cookbooks instead of drooling over the latest foodie blog posts, and maybe finding a little more inspiration in my every day instead of my reader.



23 Jan



It looks so much better than I thought it would.  Even Mr. Darling likes it, and I know he was doubtful.

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dilemma of crafters old and new

22 Jan

Yarn has taken over my home.  There’s a box of it next to my couch, a couple bags sitting on a rocking chair, a project bag hanging from a door knob, a second project bag hiding in my toddler’s bedroom (of all places), hooks and granny squares hanging out on my dining room table, and this is to say nothing of all the stray bits and bobs that have found their way into every nook, every cranny.


I am already part way through re-doing an old trunk, but that project stalled out on lazy street.  I’m also considering reclaiming a wire basket shelf I lost to my pots and pans, but said p&p’s have been demanding squatter’s rights.  So, I’ve been thinking about making a stash basket à la the most impeccable Purl Bee.  This fulfills the near constant crocheting urges I have whilst at the same time creating something useful.  I suppose I’ll hold off on sending out those eviction notices.

Ironically, none of the yarn in my ever growing, blob-like stash seems up to the task for just such a basket.  I was thinking of going to Home Depot to find something suitable when I realized that I have a veritable gold mine on my hands!  There’s a giant blue Ikea bag in my pantry overflowing with plastic bags just begging to be recycled into yarn.  And, that grocery store tan is just the sort of neutral tone I was looking for.

More stash basket inspiration from Anthropolgie.

Toddler willing, I hope to get a start on it this weekend.

articulating goals

20 Jan

It is a new year, and this is a new blog.  It might be trite, but I think it apropos that I lay out some of my goals for this new season.

1.  Increase the fitness. I thought I would get the most obvious, most obnoxious, most oft referenced and then ignored of all resolutions out of the way.  I just got Wii Fit Plus.  Although I feel utterly pathetic needing something so “wired in” to get me motivated and moving, it is totally doing the job.  I also love that it let’s me track my progress, build my own yoga/strength training routines, and weigh my baby (seriously love this).

2.  Make a granny square blanket. Or two.  In aught nine, I taught myself to crochet, along with every other blogger on my Google Reader, and along with all those bloggers I fell head over heals for those lovely, simple little squares.  I have already fully committed myself to a blanket for a set of dear friends, but I would also really like to make one for my little family.   Honestly, maybe I’m overconfident, but I find this goal almost laughably manageable.   I think the only hurdle will be the warm season.

Granny star garland made in ’09. Who knows what projects await us in The Dime?

3.  Learn to knit. Okay, so before crochet I tried to teach myself to knit.  It. was. hard.  I abandoned my studies for Sister Crochet, and I’m a little ashamed.  Make no mistake, I really enjoy crochet and how easy it comes to me, but there are (A LOT of) times when I truly prefer the look of knits and purls.  This year I resolve to try again.  Perhaps, with sites like I shall finally prevail!

4.  Buy more locally. Especially food.  This, I admit, is far easier for me to swallow since we now live somewhere with a year round farmer’s market.  Mayhaps those of you in the Western-most and Southern states where unawares, but it is not that common in these parts to keep them open year round.  I’m happy to live in a city that takes exception to this.

5.  Organize. I don’t know if this is a goal or an idea.  I just want everything to be tidier.  My home, my car, my mind, my home, my life, my home.  Tidy may become my word of the year.  It’s how I explain how I want almost everything to look.

6.  Make more.  Buy less. I still remember when Ronald McDonald came to my elementary school and taught as all about the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  I can’t say that I’ve ever had much love for the mop top, but he wasn’t spouting nonsense that day.  So more reclaimed materials, more secondhand shops, more crafting, more DIY.  This is probably going to be the most fun of all my goals to put into practice.

I also have several other personal goals that are not meant for the all-seeing eyes of the internets, but if they come to fruition as I hope you can bet your bottoms and their dollars that I will share.


16 Jan

My Google Reader runneth over with posts, and I cannot help but get the itch.  The itch to post, to link, to be a part of the World Wide Web (are we even calling it that anymore?).  So, I’m scratching that itch.  Scratching and blogging.  Or, maybe just blogging; this metaphor is really starting to gross me out.